The Very Best in Las Vegas Lunch Specials

Looking for lunch specials in Las Vegas? You’re in the right city. Here’s our quick guide to eating well over the lunch hour in Sin City.

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Warm rolls

Options, Options, Options for Lunch Specials

Barbecue. Sushi. Tex-Mex. Italian. Chinese. Thai. Mmm. Getting hungry? You can get all these cuisines in Vegas, and we’re not talking knock-offs. Las Vegas is a foodie paradise, with chefs from all over the world competing for the business of patrons from all over the world.


Catering? Yes, Please

Every year, hundreds of thousands of visitors come to Las Vegas, many of whom are visiting for one conference or another. And conference planners all need one thing: catering. Maybe you’re planning an event and need your own lunch specials in Las Vegas for your attendees – you’ve got them there, and you don’t want them to leave. Cue DiVine Events, a great Las Vegas caterer. We’re happy to help.

Here at DiVine Events, we’re perfectionists with 30+ years of experience in the industry. Contact us today online or via phone for more information on our services.


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DiVine Events Does It for You

Whether you’re ordering a meal for two or catering an event for dozens, DiVine Events is ready to help. We take the mystery out of your planning process by making it our business to guarantee your event goes off without a hitch. All you need to do is ring us up, tell us what you hope and need from your event, and we’ll do everything in our power to exceed your expectations by offering: