Holiday Sangria for Celebrations

January 3, 2023

National Sangria Day might have been yesterday, but we love a good sangria, so we decided to round up a few holiday versions that you can serve for your celebrations. Why do we love sangria so much? Let's count the ways.

  1. You can make it ahead of time, and in fact, it's even better when you do.
  2. All recipes are super flexible.
  3. It's perfect for sipping on for brunch, lunch, or dinner.
  4. It is so festive!

Here are three recipes to try, but remember, feel free to substitute for an ingredient you don't have on hand or add in something extra that you do.

No matter which recipe you choose, we know your family and friends will love this festive drink. We wish you and your loved ones a joyous holiday season and a spectacular new year!


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