Meet Our Catering Sales Executive: Briana Johnson

April 29, 2024

Originally from a small town in South Dakota, Briana Johnson is our newest Catering Sales Executive. Briana attended college in Denver, Colorado, where she created her own major in "Multi-cultural Marketing. "After graduating college, she moved to Los Angeles and quickly entered the events and wedding industry. Briana worked for a venue/catering company and has continued in venues, catering, and wedding planning ever since. Briana's favorite choice activity is to find something culturally diverse or different from her own background and immerse herself in it. It could be as simple as an ethnic restaurant or a festival/event about a particular culture or group.

"I love that Divine is a female-owned and family-rooted business that has steadily grown by maintaining their foundational family values."

Fun Fact: I’ve been on an African Safari


Favorite food: Thai Panang Curry w/Coconut Rice


Favorite drink: Chai Tea Latte or Malbec Reds


Favorite dessert: Plain NY Cheesecake

Hobbies outside of work: Yoga and Nature Walks